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Eva Carlston is a female owned and operated program that was founded, in part, to provide young women with strong and inspiring female role models. By hiring confident, accomplished, and compassionate women, Eva Carlston inspires the development of these same qualities in our students. Our superb male therapists and teachers round out the experience, modeling healthy male-female relationships with other staff members and offering girls the opportunity to relate with men in new, healthy ways. Learn who Eva Carlston is and the meaning behind her name.

Kristi Ragsdale

MPA – Executive Director, Founder Learn More

Sue Johansen-Hoffman

LCSW – Clinical Director Learn More

Shelly BurressShelly Burress

Shelly Burruss

BS – Program Director Learn More

Lauren Angerosa

BS – Admissions Director Learn More

Corrie Norman

MPA – Academic Director Learn More

Maggie Willis

BFA – Art Director Learn More

Michelle Davies

BS – Human Resource Director Learn More

Stephanie Taylor

BS – Assistant Program Director Learn More

Bryn Moody

BA – Milieu Manager Learn More

Katie Talbot

BA – Milieu Manager Learn More

Kali Takau

BS – Milieu Manager Learn More

Jessi Wacker

CMHC – Therapist Learn More

Torrence R. Wimbish

Ph.D., CMHC – Therapist Learn More

Krista Duarte

LCSW – Therapist Learn More

Lexi Diedrich

CMHC – Therapist Learn More

Noel Koons

CMHC – Therapist Learn More

Lora Wilkinson

LCSW – Therapist Learn More

Ericka LaGrone

MS – Parent Coach Learn More

Larry Bohne

MA – Program Educator Learn More

Melinda Powell

BS – Math/Science Teacher Learn More

Paul Guillory

BS – Math Teacher Learn More

Aimee Devine

BA – History Teacher Learn More

Andrya Lewis

MA – Foreign Language Teacher Learn More

Cari Hutchison

MA – Special Education Teacher Learn More

Rebecca Albuquerque

BS – Math/Science Teacher Learn More

Marie Bratek

BS – Math/Science Teacher Learn More

Carly Farnes

BS – Nutrition Specialist Learn More

Family Teachers

Learn More

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